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The wellness enthusiasts have been occupied with the apps of fitness which ensures complete well being. The development of the fitness app industry evolves through bounds & leaps. Owing to the continuous growth of technologies, the apps related to fitness & their devices getting advancement quickly. The fitness apps come up with the new features & design, this will give the stylish makeover as well as the better functionalities.

Technical progress & aesthetics of design give rise to the fitness device assortment which also includes the chest straps, clip-on, bras, smart watch, etc, that can help in monitor the blood pressure rates, heart rate, etc.

Tools related to the development of a fitness app

1. FoodSpex

This tool seems to be important for users who want to gain overall information about various food products for nutrition values. The information was given by these tools mainly related to fat, calories, bar code, etc.

2. BMI calculator

This calculator helps to measure out the Body mass index (BMI) of the users.

3. Garmin

These tools provide useful tools to assist building apps developers for several wearable type devices. 

4. Jawbone UP

This is the platform of type of open-source which provides the APIs & SDKs to developers to improve the various fitness-related tracking apps.

5. MisFit


This tool provides various features to the developers as well as the users that related to tracking of activity, tracking of sleeping hours. By save out the sleep logs in the spreadsheet of Google, users can easily get their summary of the week & their physical activity.

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6. Shimmer

It has been seen that shimmer is considered as the open-source device for the data integration tool for fitness. This will offer a strong grip on the user's fitness as this is based on digital information.

7. Google Fitness API

The open type ecosystem filled up with different facilities, this permits the users for automation of the data storage based on fitness.

8. Withings

This tool is also known for linking tech innovation & attractive designs in fitness devices & apps. This will offer amazing features with excellent quality.

9. Strava


This is the holy app of grail fitness for fitness enthusiasts of ardent & athletes. This app is known for the user's motivation & also maintain their natural lifestyle. 

10. Lumo

API permits the developer of a fitness app to access the information based on fitness from Lumo Back.

11. Health Graph

Using the tool, users can easily store their health & fitness based data on the cloud. The health graph's importance if paramount when it interacts with users with fitness based data. 

12. FitBit

Using these appropriate tools, users or developers of fitness app can easily communicate to their applications with data of FitBit.

Used of hardware in development of devices related to fitness tracking

The activity devices of tracking fitness have taken the storm in the world with emerging features. Many devices are working based on sensors which transit the data of health to the applications of mobile.

1. Sensors of ambient light

These sensors can help in detecting out & measure the light amount within an environment. The main perception of this sensor is to match the environment light to the user's eye. These sensors can help in adjusting the device brightness which gets automatically displace & minimize as per the eye strain of the user. 

2. Sensors of Bio impedance

This sensor is capable to measure the tissue resistance of the user body to the electric current amount. This attractive feature permits the devices to capture the various physiological signals which contain heart rate, the response of the skin, and many more. 

3. Sensors of skin response

In the present scenario, there are a number of users who want to know about their working out. The galvanic response of skin & temperature based sensors which can measure the sessions of work out. The sensors based real-time GPS device helps users to collect the appropriate information about workout.

4. Sensors of ECG

Sensor of ECG

There are most of the activity trackers present with optical sensors can help to measure the user’s heart rate. With sensors of LED, the heart rate will be monitor through changes in the saturation of the blood. This will work by passing the light through the skin of the user to different parts of the body such as wrist, ears, fingers, etc. in order to monitor blood saturation

5. GPS (Global positioning system)     

This GPS tracker system is useful for users who love cycling, hiking in order to stay fit. GPS uses some 30 satellites that enable the users to monitor the positions, routes & also maintain the speed. Some most common name of the GPS based devices is Sony Smart watch, Fitbit Ionic, etc.

6. Barometric altimeters

This device seems to be the best alternative option of the GPS which helps in tracking out the elevation as well as the altitude. This meter track out the altitude which measures the elevation related data & atmospheric pressure. The best thing is that this will completely customize the overall background. In addition to this, the app o fitness has inbuilt flashlight & different options.

7. Gyroscope, Compass & Accelerate meter

Gyroscope, Compass & Accelerate meter

A gyroscope is defined as the device which can use the earth's gravity to decide the orientation of an object in space. A step of a compass is used to evaluate the cardinal direction. An accelerometer is used to detect the acceleration which is related to beginning, ending & intensity of motion. These three are the different hardware types that combine the single joint of sensor motion.

Take away

The industry of development of the fitness app is filled with advanced technology. The thanks go to the technologies of top-tier, legions of apps of activity tracking which come in existence. These most common wearable devices as well as fitness apps take out the opportunities for many developers to assist and to stay fit. If you are looking for develop the fitness app, then will guide you with having the skilled expertise in process of app development for iPhone as well as Android. 


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