Comprehensive and complete cost of developing a taxi app

taxi app

The success story of Uber's motivates the number of people to think about all the start-up's launchings with the same idea. Hence, analyzing development costs for the Uber app to evaluate the launching efforts for online service of taxis.

The simple & unique idea of the Uber marks out the effectiveness among start-ups. This company was seven years old and has been recognized as a highly capitalized start-up within the world. When the value of Uber reached up to the peak for the development of a taxi mobile app then everyone wants to design the app similar to Uber or wants the success piece.

Main steps to build a taxi mobile app

taxi mobile app

1.      Evaluate the common features of future taxi app

After evaluating the development cost of the taxi app, there is a requirement to evaluate and develop the three apps which have to be independent like for passenger, driver as well as the dashboard of admin. Every step has its feature having an MVP set. Some specific features have been defined as:

Common features of passenger app:

a.       Either log in or registration

b.      Booking of taxi

c.       Selection of type of taxi or price

Common features of the driver app

a.       Approval of admin & registration

b.      Push notifications for order

c.       Booking

d.      Rides statistics

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Dashboard of admin

It is a type of software based on the web that helps in maintains the effective information of drivers, trips & passengers. This dashboard enables a person to monitor the activity of driver and vehicle information.

Common features:

a.       Tracking in an interactive manner

b.      Rides booking

c.       An effective option for payments

d.      History of driver

e.       Rating of drivers

2.      Decide the platform of development

After evaluating the effective features, there is a requirement to look at the future of the taxi app or to evaluate the effective platform for development. This can be developed over several OS such as windows, iOS, Android, etc.

There is a requirement to know about the effective advantages & disadvantages of every aspect. It has to be decided initially that for which platform you want to develop this app. In addition to this, the app can attract the number of users.

3.      Select a development team for a mobile app

After deciding the effective platform, there is an issue come to decide the search team for development. At this stage, there is a requirement to perform the research to select an appropriate concept. For this situation, you can hire a developer of some type for a job that can be of variety like freelancers & self-employed that can fulfil the requirements of the company.

In terms to achieve the competitive product, there is a requirement to hire the sole developer as well as the developer who has the knowledge to design and test the UX/UI for the development of future mobile apps of taxis. Some factors have to be in mind that can be defined as below:

a.       The experience level of a company

b.      Size of company

c.       The geographical location of the development company of mobile app

How much cost it will for the development of the taxi app such as Uber?

Taxi app development cost

We calculate the cost for design the MVP for the app of taxi-hailing. Let’s suppose that application development has been taking place over two platforms one is Android & another one is iOS.

To design the taxi booking mobile app, there is a requirement of the development team such as:

a.       QA engineer

b.      Manager of the project

c.       Developer for backend

d.      Developer for android

e.       Developer of iOS

f.       Designed of UX/UI

The time requirement for two platforms:

a.       Development of backend – 3 months

b.      Management of project – 200 hours

c.       Design of UX/UI – 1 month

d.      iOS or Android development – 4 months

e.       bug fixing – up to 400 hours

Overall cost also depends on service providers based on hours. In terms of North American rates, the development cost seems to be approx $325,000.

The reason behind future applications of on-demand apps is not in rides?

In general form, Uber seems to be very popular as it revolutionizes the world with the service of a taxi. For several years, the business of taxis had been remaining the same and unchangeable but with the optimized or automated booking of the taxi app, the scenario gets change.

In the current scenario, Uber became a common and on-demand company. People design many apps as taken idea from Uber which seems to be profitable for service or consumer’s provider which creates different applications similar to taxi like Uber for hotels “Airbnb”.

The model of Uber business provides a big opportunity to design the on demands services. But, it has been seen that the development cost of this application is different from the development cost of the taxi app.   


App development just seems like an iceberg tip. The Digital type of business is not as different as the other business. For successful business in the market, there is a requirement to use appropriate or advanced strategies or marketing campaigns through which product or device quality has been improved out. To evaluate the development cost of the Uber app, there is a requirement to decide some common aspects like a platform for development, features list, and model of business or app demand. Even most of the advance and effective apps are designed with MVP and can be improved with shares of the market.


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